My art consulting services focus on brightening the walls, shelves, and sometimes floors of well-designed homes and commercial spaces.  I greet each new project with an open heart and open ears, ready to translate the personality of my clients and their spaces into visual art, and to seamlessly weave that art into the design of those spaces. 

My crew and I are able to manage all aspects of a project from start to finish, including consulting and collaborating with designers and other vendors, finding art works and artists you’ll love, devising custom pieces, supervising commissions, negotiating fair prices, make presentation and conservation decisions for your pieces, designing framing, printing and framing your personal photographs, and completing supervised installations of the artworks. I am also happy to arrange gallery tours and set up artist studio visits. 

Please contact us to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your project. Client list available upon request.

Interior designer collaborations: Tiffany Harris, Dan Scotti, TwoFoldLA, Amber Interiors


I come to my to art and art consulting practice via literature and writing and, perhaps as a bit of surprise to everyone including me, via photography. My clients, whose ranks were filled with Hollywood producers, writers, actors, fashion stylists, venture capitalists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and other artists, were the first ones asking for my opinion about what art to buy, where to hang, and how to frame the pieces they’d already fallen in love with. They trusted me to find a just-right gift for their spouses, make something perfect for their children’s bedrooms, and know how to find and install whole offices and homes-worth of art. I have always been in the business of making art people want to live with.  Translating the hopes, dreams, and personalities of people I’ve just met into tangible art was exactly what I loved best about making photographs for my clients, so picking up this matchmaking of artist to collector felt natural.

My art consulting process and depth of know-how has become more refined over the years, but what I prize in my work is still the same: I find or make art my clients want to live (or work!) with. I crave, as I do in my own art practice, a soulful connection between the client and the artist or works. And I know the best work is powered not only by creativity, but also by integrity, transparency, and an openness to the needs and hopes of others. 

I have sought out like-minded collaborators in the good art world—artists, of course; gallerists; the folks who fabricate my custom pieces and build my frames; and installers who are really good problem-solvers and fraction-figurers. 

Gia earned an MFA and an eclectic art practice from CalArts and ran a world-renowned boutique photography studio for over a dozen years, during which time Martha Stewart named her a top photographer. Her art consulting work has been featured in Architectural Digest, PopSugar, and People, and she continues to work as art consultant to Molly Sims and Scott Stuber. Her art and photographs can be seen in C Magazine, People, BRIDES, Rangefinder, and was featured in Open to Interpretation (exhibition and book).  Her photographs are also featured in the #1 New York Times best-selling book The Everyday Supermodel by Molly Sims and its sequel, Everyday Chic.